SKOS Output from WordPress

Waiting for the bus to the medieval banquet at Dunguaire Castle for the FOAF Galway Workshop (photos), I remembered I had tweaked the FOAF Output Plugin to also output SKOS concepts — and possibly mappings to others’ categories.

Get it before your neighbour, the FOAF Output Plugin, version 1.11 — the Galway Release…

See also the SKOS development toolshed.

In passing, being here in Galway/Ireland is great, not only do I get to meet a lot of smart and interesting people, very much like at FOAF Camp, I also get to add another country to my list of visits

3 thoughts on “SKOS Output from WordPress

  1. Ah. Now this is a nice application. Maybe I am nearly ready to start blogging, if there are things like this. All I want is “WYSIWYG” editing that makes proper XHTML (well at least as good as Amaya).


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