WordPress Plugin: seeAlso’s

What is now several weeks ago, Christoph Görn hacked a bit on my FOAF Output plugin, and asked for seeAlso links to be included. Short of the mythical WordPress triple store (factory?) I couldn’t see a better way to do it than building on the concept from the Semantic Visits add-on: Using the link manager.

I challenged Danny Ayers to write the plugin/add-on, but he’s been busy lately, with the RSS book and all, so here it is, the seeAlso’s Plugin (view source). While I was at it, I also fixed a few buglets in the FOAF Output Plugin and added trust ratings for friends and bio:olb.

The current version is 1.0 (this blog entry will serve as a changelog).

  • Extends the FOAF profile document with rdfs:seeAlso links to other documents (example, near the bottom).
  • WordPress 1.2 (later versions not tested but might work).
  • A working installation of the FOAF Output Plugin version 1.7 or later.
  1. Download the seeAlso’s Plugin, rename to seealsos.php and place it in the plugins directory.
  2. Activate it in the administration interface under Plugins.
  3. Create a link category named “seeAlso” in the administration interface under Links > Link Categories. Remember to enter “0” in the Limit field for the link category unless you also want the list of links to show up alongside the other links in the side bar.
Managing seeAlso’s:
A seeAlso is just a link, but there’s a tiny configurable bit: The type or description of the linked document can be entered into the Short description field. If the field contains a QName, e.g. foaf:Document or rss:channel, the linked document will be typed as such (remember to check that the namespace prefix is defined in the FOAF output). Otherwise, it will be assumed that the document is a PersonalProfileDocument, and if the description field is non-empty, the text will be used as dc:description for the document.