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Calendar Challenges

A real good networking calendaring application, with knowledge of not only when, but also who and where, should be able to handle the following use cases:

  1. PathCrossSuppose I’m travelling to Boston and San Francisco in the next couple months. I’d like my machine to let me know I have a FriendOfaFriend who also lives there or plans to be there


    1. My calendar
    2. My network of friends (and thus implicitly their calendars and their friends’ calendars)


    1. A list of coming events, where I will be co-located with at least one of my friends or a friend of theirs

    Bonus: Be fuzzy and suggest rearranging travel plans or make new to maximize pathcrossings.

  2. Meeting planner — Suppose a group of otherwise independent people frequenting an IRC channel wish to plan for a ScheduledTopicChat


    1. A group of people (and thus their calendars, possibly only with free/busy information)


    1. A list of possible future dates/times for a meeting involving the entire group

    Bonus: Accept a fixed location as well, for meetings at a PathCross.

  3. Maximal scheduleSuppose the Natfilm Festival (or its successor CPH:PIX) is coming up, and I’d like to invite a number of friends to join me for as many showings as possible


    1. My calendar (possibly only with free/busy information)
    2. A list of showings (with location)
    3. A group of people (and thus their calendars, possibly only with free/busy information)


    1. A non-overlapping list of possible showings, that leaves enough time for transportation

    Bonus: Based on the original input, a selected subset of the showings, and the non-overlapping list, provide a new non-overlapping list, that includes the selected subset.

Dopplr does parts of the first use case quite well, with added bonuses, but doesn’t quite meet the goals entirely.

Can I have this now — or do I need to build it myself?


I’ve been married for a month now.

It’s great — I have a lovely wife, I’m happy, and the future looks just fine from here.

The party with family and friends was great, and our honeymoon in France was great too.

We shot a bit of video while we were there, sending it back to Denmark via Google:

ObSemWeb: Of course, I now have to look into semantic descriptions for video. I know there’s already stuff out there, but as it’s quite different from describing photos, pointers are more than welcome…

Public Geo Data

The nice people of Public Geo Data have started a petition and a campaign for letters to be sent to ministers for the environment.

This is a quite important issue, especially in the these times of mash-ups everywhere. If the data — that has already been payed for by taxpayers — must be bought once more by every user, development in this area will be stuffed, and we won’t get to see the advantages that these types of information can bring.

I have already written to the Danish Minister for the Environment, the relevant member of the Danish parliament, and of course my member of the European Parliament.

I think you should too: Contact Your Minister.

[via Mapping Hacks.]