Label Vocabulary in Spanish

The Label vocabulary now also contains labels in Spanish.

{Leandro Mariano López}, the master behind inkelog and the Speaks, Reads and Writes Schema, stepped up to plate last night and sent me a translation of the terms and comments – thanks!

That of course meant that I had to make it possible to navigate between the different language versions, and tweak the content negotiation a bit.

The owl2html XSLT is now up to version 0.2, and a new small tool has seen the light of day: rdf-path.

It’s a simple Perl script with an XPath interface to an RDF/XML document, with a bunch of prefixes and namespaces predeclared. It’s simple to the point of triviality, but does its job well, in this case extracting a list of available languages for an ontology, to automate the generation of HTML pages:

base=`/bin/pwd|sed -e 's/^.*web//'`/
for lang in `rdf-path "/*/*[rdf:type[@rdf:resource='']]/rdfs:comment/@xml:lang" $1.rdf`; do
  owl2html $1.rdf uri $base$1# lang $lang css "" > $1.$lang.html 

Additional translations are of course more than welcome.