Why REST Matters

Try this:

  1. Go to digg.com.
  2. Open a story from the front page in a new window or tab (via the More… link).
  3. Open another story in yet another new window or tab.
  4. Switch to the window or tab from step 2.
  5. Login (using the Ajax widget in the left column).

Notice how your window or tab opened in step 2 now contains the article that was opened in step 3?

Clearly, digg doesn’t use or understand web architecture. Somewhere on their server they try to store session information, under the assumption that one user equals one browser, one window, and one tab.

If instead of using session information (through cookies), they actually used the principles of the web and Representational State Transfer (REST), I would end up with the story I was actually reading, not some other story I happened to have opened at a later point.

2 thoughts on “Why REST Matters

  1. This error is extremely common. Another notable but even more annoying example is plane ticket site travellink. The reason it’s more annoying is that you can’t do comparison shopping on travellink and as we all know ticket prices are extremely datesensitive so comparison shopping is a must.

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