Semantic Mainstream

I spent most of my wednesday at the Copenhagen Bella Center at the anual Linux Conference : Linux on Enterprise 2006. It was organized in part by OSL — thanks to Magenta for the invitation.

It was quite interesting to hear about practical experiences with open standards and open source in the government, and listening to Peter Quinn of Massachusetts fame was inspiring (as was the free beer — the presentation included hilarious jabs at Richard Stallman).

Most interesting was the fact that the IDC analyst as well as the special guest Dirk van Rooy from the EU Information Society/IST activity, both mentioned intelligence in computing as “the future”, with clear references to the Semantic Web (and the omnipresent intelligent refrigerator).

Another point: The May/June issue of Oracle Magazine contains an article on the Semantic Web, with sidebars tooting the horn of Oracle 10g Release 2: Semantic Breakthrough

I think it seems like this stuff is going to stick…