This weblog should — at least if you are reading this — no longer be write-only, it should be readable from outside my private network…

Of course, that also means that I should start writing.

Morale: Trust noone, especially not Tele2 (but for once, TDC came through, and in less than a week, too).

PS: If you are still not seeing what you expect around this part of the web, please wait for DNS changes to propagate.

2 thoughts on “EOR

  1. Welcome back Morten.

    I thought you’d dropped of the planet, but of course you just entered the parallel universe of Danish telephone companies.

    Considering the level of tech-knowledge in the world, it’s a wonder that it can still take them months to connect a single wire.

    My connection to the web (both semantic and non-semantic) is very much read-only at the moment, but I’m still here.

    See Yah!

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