Yet another semweb blogger

In the words of Mark Nottingham:

Everybody seems to have one, so here’s mine.

I’ve been biding my time, mostly because I’m still not sure that blogs provide an advantage over other means of community communication such as mailing lists and wikis, but also because I, like a lot of other people, want to roll my own tool. Time does not come cheap, and progress in that area is slow, so here it is – powered by WordPress

The first posts will likely be on exactly that subject, WordPress, trying to make it fit my needs better, but as the title – Binary Relations – of my new weblog suggests, the writing here will focus on the Semantic Web with it’s social and technical implications. Subjects in that area will be Redland, FOAF, names in FOAF and image description, tying together my digital photos with the currently upcoming SWAD-Europe Image Description Workshop.

This will likely not be a link blog, as people like Danny Ayers and the collective efforts by the #rdfig community do a good job in that area. My vision for this blog is more along the lines of the work by Matt Biddulph and Mark Pilgrim – longish posts trying to generate forward motion in an interesting area.

We’ll see…

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