Round-tripping RDF/iCal

Note: This post originated outside of the weblog, but I figured it really belongs here, and it makes it easier to find.

The goal of this action is to automate verification tests for the RDFIG Calendar Task force, located in — both ways, from and to RDF, to and from iCal.

Running cwm

cwm requires a somewhat late version of Python, and installing RPMs for RH9 doesn’t work on RH7.1, so Python 2.2.3 was rebuilt from source. Next, some symbolic links were made from /bin and /usr/bin to the installed binary in /usr/local/bin, and the $PYTHONPATH environment variable was set to point to the /usr/local/lib/python2.2 directory as well as the current and parent directory, for non-standard modules (and programs with hardcoded references) such as llyn and retest: {{{$PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.2:.:..}}}.

The regression tester was then successfully tested with regression.n3 and the animal and animal-1 files.


The following files from /cal/ were modified:

Changes and status

After changing/fixing to output original prodid and correct LAST-MODIFIED, and stripping X-properties and SEQUENCE keywords from input, the following test case now passes:

Then, stripping METHOD from .ics files gets the following tests to pass:

That leaves the following issues:

test/querymeetings.ics, test/20030423mtg.ics, test/20030416geomtg.ics, test/20030410querymtg.ics
A trailing whitespace in TZNAME for DAYLIGHT (stripped by
test/gkexample.ics, test/MozexportAsCalendar.ics
Missing CALSCALE:GREGORIAN on input (always generated by
Missing PRODID on input (thus extraneous prodid, version and calscale generated by
Unknown (to toIcal) properties like attendee, organiser etc.
Unknown (to toIcal) properties transp and class.