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New and Old

It’s quite entertaining being back in a real anti-MS camp for a while. Haven’t really been there since my OS/2 days.

Reading Mac-news is simply plain fun:

Leopard’s top-secret secrets:

When I get a new Microsoft product in the mail it’s often like that moment when you’ve got both feet on the brakes but you know that the car can’t possibly stop in time. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You just hope it won’t hurt too much.


But sometimes the quote isn’t enough.

Sometimes, however, it is.

Other times, a link to the origin is enough.

PS: Should you, at some point over the next week or so, no longer be able to reach this or adjacent sites — don’t worry, it’s temporary due to a relocation, but it might last for a few weeks.

Italian XML

You know you might be hungry when you are greeted by the following error message:

xsltStylePreCompute: unknown xsl:parma
xsltApplyOneTemplate: parma was not compiled

The offending part:

<xsl:template mode="navigation" priority="0.2" match="*[@rdf:resource]"> 
  <xsl:parma name="head" select="false()"/> 
  <div class="navigation"> 
    <xsl:variable name="this-p" select="concat(namespace-uri(),local-name())"/>

To keep this sort of on-topic: There was a workshop in Italy last week, SWAP 2004, Danny Ayers has more.