Copenhagen Dinner

There was a blogger dinner tonight in Copenhagen. While I should have stayed at home for the FOAF IRC meeting regarding the FOAFCommunityProcess document, I decided it’d be better to go local for once and spend an evening in the company of Dan Gillmor, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Christian Dalager, Lisbeth Klastrup, and the rest of the Danish bloggers at the Laundromat Café.

Also, I knew there’d be beer:

Knut Nägele, Joachim Oschlag, Jesper Balslev, Lisbeth Klastrup, Dan Gillmor, Guan Yang

It turned out to be quite a good idea, as there indeed was plenty of beer, and plenty of nice people. Discussed semweb and blogging with Henrik Føhns (of harddisken fame), cameras with Lisbeth (of royal fame), FOAF with Thomas (of reboot fame) and technology in general with everyone. A good time was had.